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In a couple of weeks I will release “10 Tips for Work-Life Balance”; I’ll give you some simple ways to organise your life so there is time for all the things you want to do. We all seem to be busy these days but having a great work-life balance that suits you, could change your life. I’ll let you know when a preview is ready.

In the pipeline are “10 Tips to De-Clutter Your Life” and “10 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly”. De-cluttering your mind, home, office, wherever, can really change your life and it’s not that hard, although it can be emotional. I’ll give you the tips to make it easy. I’ll let you know when previews are ready.

We all want to sell our homes quickly once we have made up our minds, so “10 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly” will give you tips you can do yourself or ways you can get help. The secret is great presentation and an attractive property for the purchaser. I’ll let you know when a preview is ready.

The other day I was talking to a friend who is close to retirement. He said to me, after all those years of knowing what to do, I feel lost, so I thought this would make a good booklet. It’s called “10 Tips to Enjoying Retirement” and gives you great ideas on how to enjoy yourself without annoying your partner or making a nuisance of yourself. I’ll let you know when a preview is ready.

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