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Work-life balance isn’t just a catch phrase used in today’s world of work, it relates to all forms of balance between what you perceive to be work and your home life.

Everyone is really busy these days with family commitments, employment, or running a small business and getting the balance right between your working life and your personal life will make the difference between struggling to be your best and having a stress-free successful life.

Over the past three decades, the family unit has changed from two parents, two-three children and one primary wage earner, who supported the family, to two working parents, single parent units and childcare.

If you’ve been experiencing a rapid change in either your home life or at work, which has upset your work-life balance, you’re not alone. If you’re finding it difficult to cope then hopefully these Tiplets will help you to get your life back into balance.

Here’s the first tip: Don’t be afraid to change the balance or disrupt the existing ways things are done. Life continues to evolve and is a changing environment, so you need to be flexible and give change a chance.

This booklet will cost about the same as a large flat white coffee, so it’s not a big investment but the rewards could be life changing. The release date is expected towards the end of October. If you want to know the exact date why not subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll give you prior notice.