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Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you want it to happen quickly.

But when you check the houses for sale in your street or suburb you may feel disillusioned about how long it will take to make the sale.

Quick sales depend on many things. How your house presents inside and out to a prospective purchaser, having the right real estate agent who is enthusiastic, timing and a well-priced property. These Tiplets have the potential to help you sell your home quickly.

You may not have considered the importance of depersonalising your home. This means removing some or all of your personal things. When a person or couple visit your home they are sizing it up to see if it’s what they want. They will be visualising if their furniture will fit, if the décor is okay, if the place is big enough and could they see themselves living there.

Some of the tips may cost a few dollars or pounds. Other tips won’t cost you anything only time. Regardless of cost, they will make a big difference to how your home presents and gives it the best chance of a quick sale.

A real estate friend said most people don’t appreciate the importance of making the outside of their home as attractive as possible. This encourages prospective purchasers to seek a viewing. The outside needs the “Wow Factor” otherwise they won’t bother. Good advice for anyone selling their home.

This booklet will not cost much and is not a big investment. The easy to follow tips could help you achieve the selling price you want.. The release date is expected mid to late February, so keep checking back.. If you want to know the exact date why not subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll give you prior notice.