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10 Tips to Lose Weight and Keep It Off is about changing your approach from “I’m dieting” (short-term fix) to “I will eat this way for the rest of my life”. These Tiplets are packed with tips that are easy to read and follow. Soon you will have the pleasure of shopping for smaller clothes.

The media and Internet have a lot about diets and losing weight so it’s hard to know what to do. That’s why I’ve gathered information about various ways to lose weight and keep it off and put it in this one small, but powerful, booklet.

These Tiplets are not full of all the technical stuff. There are no recipes although there are some food suggestions. You won’t have to read 300 pages and then ask for a translation. Having a degree in nutrition is not required.

What you eat and how much you weight are lifestyle choices. In fact, overweight and obesity are self-inflicted. 10 Tips to Lose Weight and Keep It Off will give you new eating skills. The quicker you implement them, the quicker you will see and feel the results.

It took you much longer than a few days to put weight on. It will definitely take longer than a few days to take it off. Every day make and stick to small changes and you will lose weight and achieve your goal.

Losing weight is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Choose the right food in the right portion size and increase exercise. These are the three keys to unlock your weight (fat) loss.

That’s it… No weighing, no counting calories, no gimmick diets, just watching when and what you eat and adding some exercise, but nothing too strenuous.

This booklet doesn’t cost much but the rewards could be life changing.